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Why should I switch to LED Christmas lights?

  1. Added safety. Lamps always remain cool to the touch. Because holiday lighting is often used in close proximately to combustible materials (dry evergreen trees) this feature can greatly reduce the risk of holiday fires.
  2. Solid-state reliability. No longer will you have to worry about one lamp ruining your whole string.
  3. Longevity. LED lamps are rated for 50,000 hours of use or more while standard incandescent lights typically last for only 2,000 hours.
  4. No glass bulbs to break. LED lights are encased in a nearly indestructible epoxy casing
  5. No filaments to burn out. Unlike incandescent bulbs there is not filament to burn out so they last much longer and won't be damaged or ruined if you drop them or step on them.
  6. Extreme energy efficiency. Uses only 10% of the electricity required to power traditional incandescent. For a typical household this will mean a cost savings of $20.00 or more during the standard 30 day holiday season.
  7. Nearly indestructible, solid epoxy lenses. High-quality LED lights can withstand the force of a tractor trailer without breaking.
  8. Rust proof, Zinc-coated lamp contacts. The lamp components will not rust when used outdoors or in moist environments.
  9. Uses standard house current (120 VAC, 60 Hz). No need for an electrician or expensive power converters.
  10. No transformer required. Allows for simple installation and use.