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What is the difference between the commercial Christmas lights and the standard Christmas lights?

There are a few principle differences between our commercial grade LED Christmas lights and our standard grade Christmas lights.

1. Our commercial Christmas lights use an 20 gauge wire which is thicker and more durable than the 22 gauge wire used by the standard grade light strings.

2. The commercial light sets utilize threaded, coaxial compression fitting connectors. These connectors help prevent moisture infiltration and make it nearly impossible for strings to become disconnected. This is good for installations or applications where it might be very difficult to reconnect light sets if they are loose or become disconnected.

3. The commercial Christmas lights require a power adapter that plugs into the coaxial connector which, in turn, plugs into a standard plug.

4. Our commercial Christmas lights can be used with a number of our connector accessories that make large and complex installations easier.

The commercial led Christmas lights are a good choice for large outdoor installations where light sets will be exposed to extreme weather conditions and where installation locations are difficult to reach.


Lighting diagram for your commerical xmas lighting.

Do you have a brochure or anything showing the connectors and the commercial lighting being set up? I would like to see this if at all possible, so I can determine what I will need for a 3 story home. I have my home outside of the USA and would like to purchase your products before I make my permanent move next year.

Thank you,