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Multi Color

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Pure White and Green 5MM LED
Pure White and Green 5MM LED
Price: $21.99
5-Multi 7.5" LED Light Sphere
Price: $53.99
5-Multi Color C9 LED Bulbs
Price: $37.25
7 Multi Color Christmas Light
Price: $18.99
Blue & White Icicle Lights
Price: $24.99
Morphing LED Christmas Lights
Morphing LED Christmas Lights
Price: $22.99
Multi Color 5MM Color-Rite
Price: $23.99
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Multi-color Christmas lights are a staple for traditional Christmas decorating. offers a wide selection of multi colored light sets in the traditional red, blue, green, orange and yellow color combination. In addition to this standard color combination, we also offer the largest selection of unique color combinations anywhere. We have many two or three color sets that are great for special themes or for showing support for your favorite sports team. Many of our multi color light sets are available with traditional green or discrete white wire. With such a wide variety of choices in multi color Christmas lights you are sure to find something great for your holiday display or other special event