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12v Rope Light

We offer a wide selection of UL approved 12 volt LED rope light. Our low voltage rope light is perfect for applications where a 120V power source is not available or not desired. 12 volt rope light is great for decorating boats, RVs and campers where a low voltage decorative lighting solution is needed. Low voltage LED rope light is also a good solution for applications where the installer desires to hard wire the rope light to existing electrical infrastructure. With this feature, it is a great solution for lighting stairs and other architectural features of your home or business. Our rope light is also dimmable so it can be dimmed using most any standard incandescent dimmers. We offer our 12 volt rope light in full reels or we can custom cut the rope light to your specifications in 3" or 6" increments depending on color. We also offer a custom cut 12v rope light that is UL approved.