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How many Christmas Lights do I need to decorate my tree?

This is probably one of the most common questions we receive during the holiday season. The question is difficult to answer because the answer depends a lot on personal preference. However, you can make a fairly reliable estimate by taking some measurements from your tree. First, measure the height of the tree (not including the trunk.) Second, measure the tree's circumference at the base of the tree. Third, decide how far apart you would like to space the lights vertically on the tree. (*If you like more lights on your tree you should space them more closely together. If you like a lot of lights on your tree we recommend that you use 2-3" vertical spacing. If you like less light 4-6" spacing is sufficient.) Once you have made these measurements you can determine the total feet of lights you will need by using the following formula:

1. Multiple the tree diameter by 3.14.
2. Multiple the product of step 1 by the height of the tree.
3. Divide the product of step 2 by 2.
4. Divide the amount result of the calculation in step 3 by the desired vertical spacing (*Use .33 for true 4" vertical spacing.)

To determine the number of strings of a particular product you want divide the total from step 4 by the number of feet of the Christmas light product you want to use.

For example, the calculation for a 8' tree with a 5' diameter where the vertical spacing is to be 4", the calculation would be:

1. 5*3.14 = 15.70
2. 15.70*8 = 125.60
3. 125.60/2 = 62.80
4. 62.80/.33 = 190.30

Using these figures, the tree should have a total of about 190' of lights. Most of our light sets are 25' in length so dividing this by 25 yields a total of about 7-8 strings needed.

If you need assistance determining how many lights you need for your Christmas tree or other lighting display please feel free to contact us.


Are you mixing up the words

Are you mixing up the words diameter and circumference here?