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Multi Color Color-Rite C5

Multi Color Color-Rite C5 with Replacable Bulbs
SKU: 815005
Price: $24.50
String Length: 
Wire Color: 
Bulb Count: 
Bulb Spacing: 
Bulb Type: 
Light Type: 
Installation Location: 
Connect up to: 
30 strings
Standard Plug
Flicker Free: 

If you are looking for a great multi-purpose decorative light set that you can configure for use during several seasons this is the set for you. This multi-color set includes an even mix of 50 red, blue, green, yellow and purple LED bulbs. It can be used as a traditional multi-color Christmas light set but also as a base for custom light sets for several occasions. Because this set employs our Color-Rite technology you can remove bulbs from this set and replace them with other Color-Rite bulbs. With this set you could, for example, pull the purple, yellow and green bulbs and replace them with pure white for 4th of July. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Multi Color Color-Rite C5 with Replacable Bulbs
  • Wire Color: Green
  • String Length: 17.5
  • Installation location: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Bulb Type: Removable/Interchangeable
  • Light type: LED
  • Bulb Count: 50
  • Bulb Spacing: 4"
  • Flicker free: Yes
  • Connect up to: 30 strings
  • Connector: Standard Plug
  • SKU: 815005
Price: $24.50

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