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Color-Changing Blue-to-White Mini LED Lights

Color-Changing Blue-to-White Mini LED Lights
SKU: 88671
Price: $38.99
String Length: 
Wire Color: 
Bulb Count: 
Bulb Spacing: 
Light Type: 
Connect up to: 
20 Strings
Flicker Free: 

Featuring our Mini icicle color changing light set changes from blue to white. A bright brilliant LED light produced by these color changing sets truly shimmers like icicles hanging from a roof line but are more vibrant and energy-efficient alternative to traditional icicle lights. The ability to connect up to 20 sets end-to-end makes installation easy and eliminates the requirement of multiple messing extension cords. The over all length of the set is 7.5' and there are 15 drops per set that are spaced 6" apart. The drops are alternating lengths of 18", 15" and 9". Each set includes 70 mini style bulbs on white wire. The single mold bulb and socket construction makes this icicle light set very durable and it will stand up to harsh winter weather.

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Color-Changing Blue-to-White Mini LED Lights
  • Wire Color: Green
  • String Length: 7.5
  • Light type: LED
  • Bulb Count: 70
  • Bulb Spacing: 6"
  • Flicker free: Yes
  • Connect up to: 20 Strings
  • Certifications: UL
  • SKU: 88671
Price: $38.99

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