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RGB LED Lighting

Introducing our new line of RGB of products, which allows you to control color and motion, all in one string of lights. Our first product offering within this line, will be RGB product kits, which include all necessary components (power supply and controller) to allow you to control/change your light string or flex tape to fit any occasion. Perfect for so many lighting projects - Examples include: Use the LED tape for home decoration along the top or bottom cabinets or as the perfect addition to Man Caves, Game Rooms, or Party Rooms, String Lights are great for Dorm Rooms, Windows or anywhere you used traditional lighting products, Tube Lights are a great stand-alone item, or hang varying sizes in a group from your ceiling to create a chandelier.

Additional Lighting Products and accessories, can be purchased as add-on items to these kits – Please contact customer service for more information.
Make sure to check back regularly, as new items will be coming soon!