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LED Christmas Lights with Replaceable Bulbs

July 25, 2008

It is interesting to watch the progression and changes that a new product undergoes. LED Christmas lights are no exception. When LED Christmas lights became widely available most sets featured replaceable bulbs. Higher quality 1-piece construction sets were also available but the price point was much higher. However, there was a good reason for the higher price point: the sets with the replaceable bulbs wouldn't last very long. The sets wouldn't last very long because the internal components of the socket assembly were not corrosive resistant. I assume they were manufactured this way to save on costs, but the resultant product was terrible. Why purchase as higher priced set of Christmas lights with long-lasting LEDs if the internal components couldn't withstand one season outdoors.

Fortunately, there have been some significant improvements in the LED light sets with replaceable bulbs. LED lights with replaceable bulbs have many benefits if they utilize non-corrosive components. Although, Christmas style LED lights are very durable and will last for a long time they still can be damaged and a set with replaceable bulbs is attractive. Most of us are used to having the ability to change bulbs in lights sets. Additionally, high quality light sets with removable bulbs also allow for the creation of custom light sets as the bulbs are interchangeable. This allows the user to make interesting and unique light sets that are not otherwise available.

This is not to say that one-piece construction sets with non-replaceable bulbs are inferior but the newly improved LED light set with replaceable bulbs just provides consumers with an additional option.