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Introducing the New Color-Rite Line of LED Christmas Lights

Introducing the New Color-Rite Line of LED Christmas Lights

We started selling LED Christmas lights shortly after the product was introduced to the consumer market. There have been many improvements since then in LED holiday lighting technology. The first generation of LED Christmas lights were bright and energy efficient, but most were not rectified, so the light produced flickered and created a strobing effect that was not attractive. In addition, the early sets of White LED Christmas lights could not produce a light that was comparable in color to traditional incandescent clear. HolidayLEDs.com was one of the few companies who adopted the full-wave rectification technology, and have offered that in all of our light sets since 2008. Since then there have not been very many ground-breaking changes in LED holiday lighting. We've continuously added new colors and color combinations, on different wire colors, but the basic technology of the lights we offer has not really changed.

While our company and our customers have been very satisfied with the quality of our light sets there has been a consistent demand for a quality light set with a removable, replaceable and interchangeable bulb assembly. In 2009 we introduced the Flex-Change line of LED Christmas lights to meet this demand. While the Flex-Change light set was (and still is) a great light set, the manufacturer of this set discontinued manufacturing it at the end of the holiday season in 2010. Early this year we began our search to find a new LED Christmas light set with removable and interchangeable bulbs. Fortunately, we we able to source a replacement for our popular Flex-Change line--the Color-Rite line of LED Christmas lights.

Our company and our customers were very disappointed when we learned about the discontinuation of the Flex-Change line. However, after locating and testing the Color-Rite product, I am now convinced it was a blessing in disguise as we may not have otherwise found this exciting new product.

The Flex-Change product was truly a truly innovative and high quality product. However, the design was not perfect. First, it is not particularly easy to remove and replace a Flex-Change bulb and properly seat it in the socket housing. This is especially true with the small wide angle bulb style. To remove the wide angle Flex-Change bulb one had to use a set of needle nosed pliers, and it was difficult to remove a bulb without damaging it. Second, although it was fairly easy to remove a G12 or C6 Flex-Change bulb, many of our customer's experienced problems properly seating the bulb in the socket, which would make the set inoperable. Furthermore, if one bulb was not properly seated the entire strand (not just the one bulb) would not work. Third, while our Flex-Change line features corrosive resistant components, the bulb and socket design was not 100% moisture resistant. This lead to the set being inferior to the single mold (non-removable) LED Christmas light sets we offered for outdoor applications in wet environments. Our new Color-Rite line of LED Christmas lights improves upon the innovative design of the Flex-Change line and solves all of these issues.

Our Color-Rite line of holiday lights features a patented three piece bulb and socket assembly as illustrated in the photo above. Like the Flex-Change line and most sets of Christmas lights, the socket is fixed to the wire which ensures durability and prevents moisture infiltration from the bottom of the socket. However, unlike the Flex-Change line (and most other Christmas light sets with removable bulbs) the LED bulb is a separate piece which is not affixed to the bulb cover. Most importantly, the bulb cover is connected to the fixed socket with a threaded and moisture proof assembly system. This improvement makes it a snap to remove any style of bulb. Once the bulb cover is unscrewed from the socket, the LED lamp is exposed and can easily be removed and replaced from the socket. The unique design also makes it easy to properly seat a new or interchanged bulb. This improved designed solves all three of the inadequacies of the Flex-Change product line discussed above: the Color-Rite bulbs are easy to remove, replace and interchange; the threaded connection system prevents moisture infiltration; and the simplified design makes it easy to seat a bulb you wish to change or interchange.

In addition to these improvements, the Color-Rite line has a fourth feature making it a better solution for an interchangeable LED Christmas light set. With the Color-Rite technology, a socket can be left completely empty and the balance of the lights will still operate. While it is very uncommon for a single LED lamp to "burn out" in the event that one bulb does malfunction or is not properly seated the rest of the set will not be effected. Perhaps more importantly, this makes the light set more versatile for unique applications where a user desires to have empty sockets for any number of reasons. And we know there are people out there who desire this feature because we've talk to hundreds of them!

Key Features of the Color-Rite Line of LED Christmas Lights

  • Bulbs are removable and replaceable
  • Bulbs can be interchanged with other Color-Rite bulbs
  • Threaded bulb and socket assembly is moisture proof
  • Threaded assembly system makes it easy to remove and replace a bulb without damaging the light set
  • Unique design makes it easy to properly seat a bulb in it's socket
  • One or more sockets can remain empty or non-functional and the rest of the set will remain illuminated

With these improvements, the Color-Rite line of LED Christmas lights is an easy to use and viable technology, for users who wish to create custom themed light sets. While we have sought to offer the largest selection of color combinations available in Christmas lighting, and we have a lot of great unique colors and color combinations, it is simply not possible or economically feasible for us to offer all possible color combinations. The Color-Rite line now makes this a reality. So if you want a set of green, blue and yellow LEDs you probably won't find them anywhere, but now you can easily make your own set! You can literally make any color combination you want and can even interchange the bulb styles with our Color-Rite technology.

Our Color-Rite line is available in the popular M5 mini light, 5MM wide angle, C5 strawberry light and C9 strawberry lights. We offer a wide selection of colors in both green and white wire so you can find what you need for most any application!

“The Color-Rite strands are full wave rectified by a capacitor in the plug which allows the different colored LEDs to be interchanged in line. These strands are very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of creative projects. Since the strands use a capacitor to regulate the power, they will not perform well in animated displays using a dimming sequence.”