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How to Make a Jack-O-Latern with LED Christmas Lights

Materials Needed:
Carving Tools
Battery Powered LEDs or Outlet Powered LEDs

Making a Jack-O-Lantern glow with LED lights is simple and fun. The easiest method is to use a pumpkin that has already been gutted and carved. An LED light, or series of LEDs, can be placed inside (or sticking out through) the pumpkin. The LEDs can be connected with a standard outlet or can be hooked up to a battery for the wireless look. HolidayLEDs.com has great light options for both methods, outlet powered and battery powered. If you want your LED Jack-O-Lantern to really turn heads, you can use controllable, blinking, or multi-colored lights!
This is a great project for families and can spur some amazing creativity. The options for your LED Jack-O-Lantern are limitless. The same method can be used for squash, plastic pumpkins, and even foam pumpkins. Happy Halloween from HolidayLEDs.com!