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HolidayLEDs.com Energy Scrooge Calculator

Standard incandescent holiday lights are inefficient, costly, and bad for the environment. Making the switch to LED Christmas lights will not only save dollars off your holiday utility bill, but it will also do more than you think for the environment. We developed the Energy Scroogeâ„¢ Calculator to help illustrate the impact, your choice to switch to LED Christmas lights will have on our environment.

After we developed this calculator and ran a few tests we actually couldn't believe the results - They seemed too good to be true! So, we decided to handicap the race a little bit, and give incandescent lights a bit of a head start. But it is still no contest.

In case you are interested in checking our math, here is the assumptions made by the Energy Scrooge Calculator:

â–ª The average cost of electricity is $.11 per kilowatt hour.

â–ª An average set of standard incandescent mini-lights consumes .8 watts of electricity per bulb. (*The Energy Scroogeâ„¢ calculator only compares LEDs to incandescent mini-lights - The numbers are much larger if comparing LEDs, with larger C7 or C9 incandescent bulbs.)

â–ª HolidayLEDs.com LED Christmas lights consume .072 watts of electricity per bulb.

â–ª The average life of a set of incandescent Christmas lights is about 2,000 hours.

â–ª The average life of a set of LED Christmas lights will be 25,000 hours. (*Actually our lights are rated for 50,000 hours.)

â–ª We did not take into consideration the cost to replace the incandescent lights during the 25,000 hour life of the LEDs. You would have to replace your standard incandescent lights 12 times during the average expected life of a set of LEDs.

â–ª We did not consider the cost of incandescent replacement bulbs.

â–ª A single mature tree will absorb 13 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

â–ª 1.55 pounds of carbon dioxide is created to produce 1 kilowatt hour of electricity.

To try out the Energy Scrooge Calculator, simply add a product to the shopping cart and it will calculate the savings. (*Adding a product to the cart does not require you to login, create an account or in any way obligate you to make a purchase.)