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HolidayLEDs.com 2009 Christmas Light Recycling Program

It's not quite even Halloween yet but the holiday season is quickly approaching. Many people will be pulling out their old Christmas lights, finding that they don't work, and then contemplating the lights ultimate demise. HolidayLEDs.com has a solution (and a final resting place) for your old and inefficient incandescent Christmas lights--we'll recycling them for you. Not only will we recycle them for you but we will give you a coupon for 15% off our super efficient LED Christmas lights when you participate in our recycling program. The recycling program is open now and will continue through the end of February 2010. For more information about how to participate in our recycling program please visit the recycling program page.

This will be the third year in a row we have operated the program and participation has increased each year. We have also tried each year to improve the program to ensure that it has the greatest impact. Here are a few requests we have for this year's program that will make it even more beneficial to the environment:

  • Look local first. Before you ship your lights to us be sure there is not a recycling facility locally who will accept them.
  • Work in teams. There is an environmental cost associated with shipping your lights to us. That cost is greatly reduced if you put your lights together with several family members, friends, neighbors, or local groups.
  • Don't use packing material. The lights are going to be placed in a commercial shredder. It does not matter if they get broken in transit.