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Help Green Blog Plant Trees

Help Green Blog Plant Trees

March 13, 2008

Green-blog.org is a multi-author blog site and forum that provides useful information and interesting discussion about environmental issues. The site is developing a strong and dedicated user base who provide lots of great content. The site just announced a tree planting and membership drive program.

Green-blog will plant 1 tree for each 100 users that join the site. Currently, the site has about 75 users. That's only 25 users away from planting a tree. The trees will be planted by Tree-Nation.com who is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Green-blog points out that there are many benefits to planting new trees, including:

* Fighting Poverty
* Stops Desertification
* Produce Fruits, Medicines, Food, ...
* The root system draws water to the surface
* Regenerates the soil
* Increases land's productivity
* Improve Agricultural Practics
* Offsets CO2 levels
* Counteract Climate Change
* Park as a meeting point and shelter
* Counteract Deforestation

Check out the Green-Blog site, create a user account, and help them plant some trees!