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Decorating with LED Icicle lights

August 2, 2008

There are a variety of different styles of Christmas lights. One of the most common specialized sets of Christmas string lights is the icicle light. The icicle light is a great decorating tool and can be utilized to provide great affects to a number of different holiday displays.

What is an icicle light?

An icicle light is similar to a standard string style Christmas light in that it features a number of bulbs in series on a single wire. However, the icicle light is unique in that the main wire or horizontal line contains no lights. All of the lights dangle from the main horizontal line to create an effect that emulates icicles hanging from a roof line. Most icicle lights feature a horizontal wire with lighted wires of varying lengths suspended from the main wire. The varying lengths of the wires hanging from the main line are a further effort to mimic the natural features of a icicle laden roof line.

How can you use LED icicle lights?

The most common use of icicle lights is to decorate the roof line or eave of a home. The dangling lights create a illuminated "icicle effect" that is very attractive. In northern climates the icicle lights can look very attractive as the light reflects off real icicles. However, there are several other decorative uses for icicle lights. Icicle lights can be used effectively to decorate a mantle, entry-way. or railing as well. The lights can also look very attractive as a skirt for a holiday table. In fact, these lights can be used for a number of creative uses for any application where dangling lights can be utilized.

What is the best way to store LED icicle lights?

Unfortunately, no one has invented a "tangle-proof" Christmas light. Icicle lights are especially sucesptible to tangling because of the varying lengths of lines dangling from the main horizontal line. We handle a lot of Christmas lights and have to care for our light set samples in a way that makes them presentable. After many attempts and experiments to find a way to effectively store our icicle lights we found that the best storage method is simply to fold the lights. More specifically, simply lay the lights out fully extended in a horizontal line and fold them over one or two times. Do not attempt to roll them up as you might an extension cord as this will certainly result in tangling.


storing icicle lights

I use those small cord winders w/handle. Hold the winder by the handle horizontally. Then wind the icicle light by the main cord and let the icicles hang. This can then be laid in a plastic storage tote.