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2009 Christmas Light Tours and Resources

Decorating with lights for Christmas and the holidays has expanded far beyond the family Christmas tree in the living room. The displays range from the truly sloppy and tacky to absolute beautiful works of art. It is really a lot of fun to pack the family in the car and drive around your community to look at the holiday displays...the good, the bad and the ugly. Some holiday displays are worth traveling some distance to find.

The Number 1 Tour in the Country - Dyker Heights

One of the most famous communities for Christmas and holiday lighting displays is located in Brooklyn, New York. The neighborhood of Dyker Heights has an unbelievable display each year. This community is so well known for its Christmas lighting that the community has been the subject of a television programs on PBS and TLC. So if you want to see the best of the best Christmas light tours and can make it to the New York area you must check out the Dyker Heights display. This site sells tickets for the available tours for the Dyker light show. For those who want to learn more about the Dyker Heights light show there is an information visitors guide from About.com.

Everything is Bigger in Texas

We have a lot of great customers in Texas and we know Texans love to decorate for the holidays. Like everything else, Texans will not be outdone when it comes to Christmas light decorating. If you will be in Texas for the holidays there are some great tours to check out. We even found one company that is offers helicopter Christmas light tours. TexasChristmasLights.com is a great site for finding light displays and local tours in Texas.

Finding a Light Tour in Your Area

Most local newspapers and news programs publish a list of Christmas light shows or tours in your area. However, there are some great online communities and websites that have popped up over the years that are a great resource for finding Christmas light shows and tours. TackyLightTour.com is probably the most comprehensive of the sites I found. This site has a great map tool that shows where all of the big holiday light displays are in your area.

Christmas light and holiday displays are a lot of fun. This year take some time out of your busy holiday schedule and spend some time with the family checking out the lighting displays in your community.